Scuba dive
in Puerto Princesa,

and see one of the country’s most beautiful and pristine seascapes. Down south Puerto Princesa, the underwater life is diverse and abundant. Divers and tourists from all over the world would surely love to feast their eyes on such a breath-taking undersea treat!

Scuba diving for almost 18 years has enriched our passion for this sport. Our commitment to quality service and diver safety still stands out to this day. Which is why remain as one of the more reputable contacts for diving in this side of the Philippines.

Our approach to diving is one of safety and professionalism. Dive courses, lessons and all dives are efficiently handled by dive pros. Whether you are just a first-time diver or are already an experienced one, we are dedicated to make you scuba dive in Puerto Princesa as safely, and as enjoyable as you can get.

Yes, your undersea adventure starts RIGHT here.

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